June 17, 2017


One week ago it was my granddaughter, Madison’s, graduation from High School and then when I was there this past Monday we were able to celebrate my eldest daughter, Krystal’s, birthday.  I love you both and may God richly bless you.  Madison also received a full scholarship for the makeup artistry course that she was wanting to take.


Happy Father’s Day & CBS Graduation


We want to thank all of you who have given towards our daughter Kimberley’s missions trip.  She is going to help Traycho and Ina, prepare and then participate in New Wave which is the youth movement that they have in Bulgaria.  She is still in need of some financial support and all your prayers are appreciated as she travels by herself.


We were happy to have Michael and Myra Watkins from Every Nation ministries and Bert and Sisi Phagan, one of our board members, visit our ministry in Albania this month.  I have heard from our staff there how much they were encouraged by these visits.


Children’s Bible School Graduation


Last week the graduation ceremonies for our CBS’s was held with 31 students now going into Grade 1.  Many of these children gave their lives to Jesus Christ while they were with us for which we are thankful.  Please pray that as they enter the public school system that what they were taught will continue to be in their hearts.


31 children graduated.


Remember that what you donate to GCCM and our ministry around the world, is tax deductible and goes to see lives transformed by the power of God.  What you give today affects eternity.


Here is a video from when part of the World Race team went to the hospital with some of our people about a year ago.  Just a week ago one of our Leadership team who is a nurse wrote this.  “Smile Suada I was looking yesterday this pictures. All this patients have finished chemo and they are doing all good. Thank you for being that day with us. God bless you brother. The joy of the Lord is your strength.


Nje pjese e skuadres World Race ne bashkepunim me Qendren Kristiane te Durresit, ishte sot ne repartin e Kimioterapise ne Spitalin e Durresit! Ata kaluan nje kohe me pacientet atje, duke u munduar t'i inkurajojne sado pak. Per kete jemi thirrur ne bote…. Te ndajme me shume rreth Dashurise se Krishtit. Part of the World Race team in cooperation with Durres Christian Centre, went today at the chemotherapy department at the Hospital of Durres. They spent some time with the patients there, trying to encourage them. That's why we are called in this world…. To share more of the Love of Christ.

Posted by Qendra Kristiane e Durresit – QKD on Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

We  are excited to have two more teams coming this next month.  One from another church in England and one from the World Race which brings people together from all over North America.  When teams come not only is a lot of work done, physical and spiritual but also they are a great encouragement to our people and I usually here from the teams that they are blessed and encouraged by our people there.


Camp Time


Once again it is camp time for the children and the youth in our church and for those outside the church who we are ministering to.  Every year when we have camp, lives are transformed by the Spirit of God.  We are looking for people to give so that we can make these camps more effective and we don’t have to charge the children and teens.

Here is a picture from last year’s camp

Thank you to all who have given so far this year and for James and Betty Robinson and “Life Outreach International” who faithfully give to our ministry in Albania.  We have really struggled the last few months and even though many have given to special projects we are in need of people to give to the General Fund especially as we enter the summer season.  We ask that you please consider sending in a special donation as soon as possible.  I know many people and ministries are hurting but know we are praying for you all that God would bless you.


Our First Missionary



I wish I could share with you more of the things that our first missionary writes to me.  I feel so humbled each time she writes as I see that she is sacrificing so much and putting her life on the line, daily to reach those whom God has called her to minister to.  Although I can’t give you her name nor the country she is in, know that she is doing such great things and the resources you give to support her is being used in a great way.

We thank God daily for the vans He has provided for us.  Along with the vans comes the cost of upkeep.  Oil changes, new tires etc.  As a result of the low finances we have not been able to keep up with these things. Please consider what extra you could do to assist  in the ministry in Albania.


Remember that what you donate to GCCM and our ministry around the world, is tax deductible and goes to see lives transformed by the power of God.  What you give today affects eternity.




–  Please pray for my (David’s) health.  I have had kidney stones 3 times in the last few months.  It is painful and I need healing.


–  Pray for proper staff to fill positions.


–  Pray for the 3 girls that are or are going to be involved in Missions.  Our first missionary, Brikena who has already gone and now Kimberley.  Pray that God would supply all their needs.


–  We are again in need of another newer van to transport Children.  Please pray for God’s provision and for finances for the upkeep on the ones we do have now.


–  Pray as we wait for resources to come in so we can remodel our kitchen facilities.


–  Pray for GCCM as we endeavour to reach out to the immigrants in our city of Calgary.  Keep a look out for our newest web page about Love Calgary.


–  Pray for Valbona that God would supply her with a good full time job.


–  The first 5 months of 2017 have been some of the toughest months we have had financially.  We are looking for more people to join our Global Ministry Changers group and pray daily and give on a monthly basis to our General ministry fund.


Remember that what you donate to GCCM and our ministry around the world, is tax deductible and goes to see lives transformed by the power of God.  What you give today affects eternity.


Would you?


If you had been to heathen lands, Where weary souls stretch out their hands,

To plead, yet no one understands, Would you go back? Would you?


If you had seen the women bear, Their heavy loads, with none to share,

Had heard them weep, with none to care. Would you go back? Would you?


If you had seen them in despair, And, beat their breasts and pull their hair,

While demon powers fill the air, Would you go back? Would you?


If you had seen the glorious sight, When heathen people in their plight,

Were brought from darkness to the light, Would you go back? Would you?


Yet still they wait, a weary throng, They’ve waited, some so very long,

When shall despair be turned to song? I’m going back! Would you?


Come, give, pray

that they might have life!


David and Valbona Pennoyer


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