Orphan Program

We have two different Orphan programs where we are involved and ministering.

First there is what we call Regular Orphans which means the orphans who are connected to our church and ministry and then the Law Enforcement Orphans which are children of Police who have been killed in action.  In Albania an orphan has a bigger definition than in most places, but they have lost one or both of their parents or they have been abandoned by their parents.

Regular Orphan Program

In 2000 we found out that a false religious group had approached some of the orphans from our church, and one of our good church helpers was involved with them. When we questioned her, she said this false religious group were paying them each month as long as they dressed like and were involved with them because her and her little sister needed the money. They said they would stop if we could fill the gap and support them instead.

Then just a few weeks before Christmas 2000 two of our most faithful attendees, a 15-year-old girl and her 10-year-old brother lost their mother with cancer. Their father was killed 5 years before and when we went over to visit some of the other relatives who were visiting them pleaded with us to find someone to adopt them or get some help for them.

We also had another young boy whose parents had abandoned him and he lived with his aged grandmother who had a heart condition. She had pleaded with me to look after him and help in case she dies. Because he is over 13 he can’t be in our feeding program anymore so he needed and still needed our help.

So we devised a plan where a person could support an orphan on a monthly basis. This would provide them with food, clothing and school supplies throughout the year and aid them in looking after themselves.

Law Enforcement Orphans

In 2001 there were 13 police who were killed in our area.  Three others were wounded and not able to work.  We were asked if we could find sponsors for the children of these slain officers.  We would ask if you want to sponsor a Law Enforcement orphan that you would send us a picture of yourself and if you are in Law Enforcement a picture in uniform so that they can have a picture of the one sponsoring them as well as you having a picture and write-up of the one you are sponsoring.