Operation Mercy

The Albanian people have been considered the poorest nation in Europe. We are working with the poorest of the poor and many of these people are not able to provide so their family can eat properly, clothe themselves, receive education or have shelter.

We believe that we are called to show forth God’s Mercy to the world around us.  In order to do that, we believe that we need to minister to the whole man, body, soul and spirit.  Therefore we not only minister to the spiritual needs of the people but we are trying to meet some of their physical, material, social and mental needs as well. This section is about some of the ways we are doing that.

The following projects are part of our Operation Mercy ministry:

We have noticed over the years that there are many who have genuine needs but do not fit into any of our other programs.  So we have started a fund to minister to the Poor and Needy.  As people come and ask for help, we evaluate each individual case and make a decision based on that.  We have been able to help abused women and children, medical for seniors, food for the hungry and many other needy situations.